Workplace psychological safety is our specialty. 23 years of experience in corporate wellbeing enables the R&R Corporate Health team to deliver best in class training and consulting. Our programs are evidence informed and measurable. They build awareness and capacity across organisations.  We can help you achieve a ‘gold standard’ when it comes to workplace psychological safety within your organisation.

Our Workplace Psychological Safety Programs and Training Courses Include:


We’ve developed once off sessions or modular psych safe courses. They explore the many and varied benefits of creating a psychologically safe workplace, and how everyone can work together to achieve it.

There’s little more powerful than when people come to work feeling valued. This happens in a workplace where they can be their authentic selves, feel included, feel supported and feel free to innovate and ask questions. They should also feel confident to respectfully challenge status quo.

If you’re looking for education that can inspire team connection, curiosity, innovation and performance, look no further than R&R Corporate Health’s Psych-Safe training programs.


Choose between personalised, once off psych safe sessions or modular courses that will help enable your frontline leaders. Participants will be more confident to develop and maintain psychological safety across their team.

These psych safe training sessions provide awareness, tools and skills that will enable your leaders. We can help them create warmth, inclusion and trust within your workplace. This is done in pursuit of optimal employee and team innovation.

This training shows frontline leaders how to become someone that people relish working with, and want to lift for.


R&R Corporate Health specialise in Workplace Psychological Safety. We have a team of experienced workplace mental health trained professionals. They are ready to deliver an accredited 2 day Mental Health First Aid Course to your people.

Building a team of onsite mental health first aiders can quickly demonstrate that your organisation takes employee mental wellbeing seriously. Book your consultation now, and get on the front foot of psychological safety in your workplace.

Activating the Mental Health First Aid Course isn’t just an important step towards your business meeting mental health regulations and compliance. Given that it boosts culture, safety and performance, Mental Health First Aid also happens to make good business sense.


Delivered by R&R Corporate Health’s Mental Health Experts. Our REACH for Mental Health training enables employees and leaders to recognise and effectively deal with compromised mental health in their workplace.

In physical first aid your staff remember and follow DRSABCD.

In mental health first response your staff will remember and follow REACH.

This is a highly valuable session that can be tailored to leaders, to employees, to everyone.

Our workplace Psychologists and Counselors deliver this critical training piece via a mix of theory, sharing ideas, seeing big picture, and psycho-drama (role playing).

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