If you are responsible for limiting the risk of injury occurring within your organisation then contact us today. We can help you with proven workplace injury prevention programs to suit any industry.

Since 1999 our workplace safety consultants have refined the craft of developing and delivering measurable safety training programs. They build capacity for leaders, employees and businesses to not just survive, but to thrive.

From reducing injury and incident risk, to boosting EQ and agility, to launching a proactive and performance mindset. We’ve got the experience to protect and inspire your workplace.


Aware – Accept – Act

This highly engaging 90 minute to 3 hour course provides all employees with an easy to follow model for recognising and effectively managing fatigue. Minimising fatigue can be a key step in reducing workplace injury for many businesses.

Firstly, this training builds awareness of the signs and causes of fatigue. It then explains your in-house process to manage fatigue, and ultimately the habits and mindset that actually prevents people from reaching the point of fatigue in the first place.


Thrive Move Well, Perform Well training launches a global, proactive mindset to manual handling performance and injury prevention. Via our authentic style we take employees/teams into how they think, how they prepare, how they perform tasks, and how well they work together.

It is our mission to create the mindset of an ‘industrial athlete.’ We want all employees to warm up before they start, work smart throughout the day, then stretch at the end of each work day.


Thrive ergo-consultants adopt a holistic approach to ergonomics, for best practice ergonomics runs much deeper than how a person sits and uses their mouse.

Our 10 to 30 minute consultations help every employee realise that taking ergonomics seriously will boost their ability to sustainably perform their work role, but just as importantly will also greatly help them to enjoy life outside of work too.


In this interactive, experiential and thought provoking 60 minute to 3 hour session, employees develop the organisational superpowers that are curiosity and empathy.

This highly refined session often proves to be a human and team game changer, as it creates a culture where people understand each other more and judge each other less.

In a nutshell, this course increases individual and team adaptive capacity, while going a long way to helping organisations achieve psychological health and safety.


We’ve developed a 60 minute to 3 hour session that gives work teams a chance to get off the dance floor and work out what their team is doing well, and where there may be room for improvement.

This session is often a critical part of our modular workplace injury prevention programs. It’s also a powerful moment for a team and business on its own too.

Sometimes if teams don’t hit the pause button, they’ll never know what they could be doing better or more safely. This course provides that opportunity. It encourages participation from all team members to promote a safe and supportive workplace.


In this important and highly interactive 60 minute to 3 hour session, work teams come together to realise the cultural, operational and safety ramifications of employees thinking and saying, ‘that’s just the way we do things around here.’

This training allows people/teams an opportunity to consider how they may be able to adjust their thinking, attitudes and behaviours, in search of a truly high performing and psychologically safe workplace.

At first we thought this training was only suited to outdoor teams. However, teams are teams and attitude is attitude, therefore we’ve discovered that it’s just as effective for white collar teams as well.

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