Psychosocial Risk Management

Your Partners In Psych-Safety

Our experienced team can help you with a range of mental health plans, policies and guidelines. Every business should have a mental health policy and a psychosocial risk management plan. We can help you create and implement your policies and plans in a professional, responsible way.

You don’t want the key people in your organisation to feel frustrated or afraid of addressing psychosocial risk or safety at work. Businesses function better when management and staff feel excited and assured that a structure is in place. Our team can create that safe structure for you.

R&R Corporate Health can devise evidence-informed mental health policies and plans that provide a strategic, systematic and effective approach to safeguarding your business. These policies will also play a part in optimising performance.

Don’t aim to just keep up with psychosocial and mental health compliance and regulations. Aim to be ahead of the pack. Contact us if you want help with your mental health policy, a psychosocial risk management plan, or help to create other policies to help protect your business.

Risk Management Plan (PRMP)

In today’s corporate world it’s now viewed by the regulators as a legal obligation for Australian businesses to demonstrate a proactive approach to managing risk associated with psychological injury.

The first initiative organisations can undertake is to develop a Psychosocial Risk Management Plan.

If that sounds a bit daunting and you feel you don’t know where to start, that’s ok, we’re here to help.

Our preeminent Psychosocial Risk Team has developed a best in class assessment tool, scorecard, action plan and review process. You can work with one of our Risk Consultants to develop your plan, or we can build capacity for you to do it in-house – that’s up to you.


Our highly developed mental health policy templates can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and scope, They provide a strategic, systematic and effective approach that ensures your policy is both mature and meets regulations.

For a fraction of the average cost of a mental health claim, follow our IP rich mental health policy template and create your policy in-house. You can also work with one of our R&R Corporate Health consultants to make sure it is just right – that’s up to you.


This performance guide can be purchased as a product or utilised as the springboard for targeted training programs. It is designed to optimise individual and team wellbeing and resilience. Applying principles it contains, could be an important part of creating a physically and mentally healthy workplace.


This guide can be purchased as a product or as part of targeted frontline leadership course. The content helps to build awareness and skills that enables leaders to effectively support and manage employee’s with compromised mental health.

Perfect for your mental health policy officer, or other leadership staff involved in promoting workplace wellbeing. Particularly where managing staff with mental health issues can be a recurring role.

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