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Corporate Health and Safety

Employee wellness drives business success.

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  • Connect employee wellness to business performance and safety.

  • Change the way employees value themselves and their workplace.

  • We take what you do personally.

  • We deliver wellness programs that improve bottom line.

Is this the engaging and innovative training alternative that you’ve been searching for?

Over our 20 year journey working in and around workplaces like yours, we’ve been able to learn and understand nearly all aspects of life inside the world of Logistics.

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Corporate health, safety and workplace wellbeing programs

To get the most out of your employees, it is important to ensure their wellbeing is being looked after, no matter what industry you work in. This aspect of health can lead to a range of benefits,including reduced stress, better decision making and efficiency, as well as an increased ability to adapt to challenges and change. It also ensures they are mentally and physically healthy.

R&R Corporate Health does not offer generic, cookie-cutter programs. Each business in every industry has its own unique people, challenges and requirements. Our expert team will work with you to develop a tailored wellbeing program for your workplace that meets your direct needs and ensures you have a happy and productive team of staff for the future.

Encourage wellbeing at your workplace

Our services are tailored to your business’s individual needs and requirements, and include workplace wellbeing programs that cover:

  • Injury prevention and correct handling of heavy materials
  • Mental health including REACH Mental Health First Response
  • Team building programs tailored to your workplace
  • Nutrition guidance to help improve your staff's performance, endurance and more
  • Biohealth data to assist in putting together highly effective wellbeing programs
  • Onsite early intervention programs
  • Change management programs to build a culture of wanting to strive towards being better
  • Vocational capacity testing
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) psychometric assessments.

Some of the other benefits from our solutions include assistance to improve wellbeing in the workplace both now and into the future. We also support your business in improving safety aspects within your operations, minimising workplace injuries that can occur as a result of fatigued, stressed or poorly trained workers.

Our four pillar approach to improving workplace wellbeing

All of our programs are custom-made for each of our clients. Individuals in one industry respond better to training room environments, while others benefit more from retreats or online learning. But one common denominator is our four-pillar approach to workplace wellbeing.

That includes exploring your business operations and its people to discover the unique challenges and pain points; customising a program in collaboration with your HR; safety and management teams; delivering these solutions through industry specialists and monitoring the program every step of the way to ensure success. For more information on how we can help you contact us on (03) 9859 7700.

Together we can make a difference

We can work with you to design training solutions aimed at driving employee performance, positive safety outcomes and business sustainability.

If you want to build health awareness, inject knowledge and trigger change, R&R is for you.

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What we do

We learn where and how we can help.

We tailor training aligned to current and future needs.

We deliver in a way that excites positive change.

How we do it

It's taken us a long time to develop a process that is collaborative, authentic and ultimately delivers sustainable results.


We need to understand what your business does and the unique physical and mental challenges employees face before contemplating the right program for you.


Armed with business insight, we work hand-in-hand with Health & Safety, HR and Executive Teams to tailor programs that meet current and future needs.


Our innovative, experiential learning excites behavioural, professional and cultural change. R&R programs are delivered by industry specialists in their respective fields.


We work closely with the client to measure program success and sustainability. We strive for valuable employee outcomes and positive return on investment.

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How we help

Executive Teams

  • Connect to themselves and their team
  • Understand that employee wellness drives business performance
  • Empowering them with courage to lead a cultural shift

People Team (H&S/HR)

  • Hold a space to think and be 'proactive'
  • Achieve their vision
  • Lead their business towards vulnerability

Frontline Leaders

  • Become someone people want to follow and connect with
  • Understand their influence on team momentum
  • Inspire performance and help their team embrace change


  • Understand how important they are to business success
  • See value in the skills and ideas they bring to their team
  • Recognised as important, not as a number
How We Help


Return on Investment

  • Increased and sustained staff/team productivity
  • Decreased stress and other mental health related claims
  • Decreased sprains & strains (MTI & LTI's)
  • Decreased WorkCover premium
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Decreased presenteeism
  • Leaders drive the standards

Return on Interaction

  • Company philosophy in wellness – 'everyone's a leader'
  • Normalising the symptoms of mental health (stress, anxiety, depression)
  • Staff comfortable to identify and share experiences when they arise
  • High performing teams

Return on Ideas

  • Workplace risk minimisation (incident, accident, injury)
  • Unified approach to proactive physical & mental health
  • Collective understanding and awareness
  • People learning from each other
  • Everyone has a voice – no one's a 'number'

Return on Implementation

  • Improved company culture
  • Leaders buy into the program
  • Leaders own the outcomes
  • An employer of choice

Our team

Experts in their field.
Adaptable and talented.
Determined to make a difference.



  • "Working with R&R Corporate Health has been life changing for myself, my family and my work team.

    Our general health, attitude, energy and outlook on safety has changed for the better, which has resulted in sustained team performance."

    Kirk Dalton
    Transport Manager
    Warrnambool Cheese and Butter

  • "The R&R team invested time in getting to know our business, before tailoring a highly engaging program that not only suits our current and future needs, but aligns with SMCT values."

    Laura Hall
    Health R&R Wellbeing Coordinator
    Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

  • "The standard manual handling courses we were running had become ineffective. We engaged R&R and worked together to integrate their highly regarded Healthy Road Warrior Program which resulted in many employees making lifestyle changes that improved their entire life.

    Our partnership over the 4 years has created a sustainable, long-term positive change for our organisation and warranted some of the most positive feedback I’ve heard in the 10 years I've worked in the Safety profession."

    Amanda Clements
    Zero Harm Manager
    Downer Group

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