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Leadership Coaching & Training

It took 23 years for the R&R Corporate Health Team to realise that ‘Accidental Leaders’ are everywhere we go. People who’ve found themselves in a position of leadership but haven’t been given skills that enable them to effectively manage, support, guide and motivate people and teams toward optimal performance.

It’s a gap that needs filling, and we do it well. Especially in a time with increased workplace mental health issues to contend with.

In essence Principal R&R Corporate Health trainers provide leaders with what has always been called ‘soft skills’. We deliver half day, full day or multiple day training courses that build emotional intelligence. They also optimise your leaders wellbeing, enhance self and situational awareness, and build curiosity, empathy and courage into their leader toolkit.

Our frontline leadership training courses turn accidental leaders into engaging facilitators, and people that employees believe in, trust and want to lift for.

Psychosocial Plans, Policies & Guides

We don’t want key people to feel frustrated or afraid of addressing psychosocial risk and psychological safety across their business. We want them to feel excited and assured. It is a key step in promoting workplace wellbeing across most businesses.

Our preeminent, evidence-informed experts activate our very own uniquely developed mental health policies and plans that provide a strategic, systematic and effective approach to safeguarding a business. This happens while also optimising staff performance.

Don’t just keep up with psychosocial and mental health compliance and regulations. Work with us to get ahead of the pack. Benefits can include higher staff retention, fewer absences, less injuries and overall improvement to employee wellbeing.

Psychological Health & Safety

23 years as corporate wellbeing consultants has enabled our team to deliver best in class, evidence informed and measurable training. Our training sessions build awareness and capacity across a business, in pursuit of achieving ‘gold standard’ in psychological health and safety.

Our services include:

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Be a Psych-Safe Leader

  • Psych-Safe, for all employees

  • REACH for Mental Health

  • Leadership Training

  • Thrive Through Change

  • Resilience Isn’t Tough

Creating psychological safety is worth the effort, and R&R Corporate Health is here to help.

Prevention & Performance Training

Since 1999 our trans-disciplinary training team has refined the craft of developing and delivering measurable injury prevention training programs. This is training that builds capacity for leaders, employees and businesses to not just survive, but to thrive. They not just reduce the incidence of injury, they can help improve performance too.

Training is our DNA. Whether in a training room or virtually, when we train we thrive. Our authentic training style provides a safe space for people and teams to learn as much from each other as they do our trainer.

It is our ability to share our abundant subject knowledge and corporate experience in a human way that sets us apart. The response from employees will let you know that our workplace wellbeing programs leave a lasting impact.

From reducing injury and incident risk, to boosting EQ and agility, to launching a proactive and performance mindset, we’ve got you covered. These programs are all tailored to your businesses specific needs.

In a nutshell…


At R&R Corporate Health we have tried and proven workplace wellbeing training packages. However, you may wish to design a bespoke training solution that addresses what’s going on for your business right now.

If you want to:

  • Build leader and employee EQ

  • Motivate individual wellbeing and performance

  • Create psychological safety

  • Improve team agility and connection

  • Improve employee wellbeing

  • Decrease physical and mental health claims, and

  • Trigger sustained cultural change

R&R Corporate Health is for you. Contact our workplace wellbeing consultants to talk about any training initiatives that you are interested in.


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