Leader Training/Coaching

Frontline Leader Training / Coaching

"Soft Skills are not soft - they are critical."
R&R Corporate Health director, Matt Beechey

Our frontline leadership training programs will enhance your key employee’s management and communication skills.

Imagine the Cultural and performance difference if your existing and emerging leaders:

  • Learned the differences between being a team member and a team leader
  • Strived to be respected, not just liked
  • Were able to get and stay at their physical and emotional best
  • Were able to inspire psychological health and safety
  • Were able to read the play
  • Were able to skillfully lean into conflict
  • Were given tools that enable them to build trust
  • Were able to develop curiosity, connection, and courage across their team
  • Became skillful communicators of and through change, and
  • Become facilitators of meetings, not tellers.

Our Leadership Coaching Programs & Courses Include:

Lead The Way

Comprehensive, authentic 5 day workplace leadership program that builds leaders emotional intelligence. This course also helps optimise leaders wellbeing, enhances their self and situational awareness, and builds curiosity, empathy and courage into their leader skillset.

This is a corporate leadership training course that can only be delivered by people who’ve worked in over 100 Australian businesses, like us. It’s not just from a book, that’s for sure.

If you want an impactful leadership course that will inspire staff and create the culture change from management down, then this is for you.

The Curious Leader

3 hour to 1 day course that boosts leader capacity to develop teams of people who want to understand each other more and judge each other less.

This course enables your frontline leaders to inspire innovation, inclusion, connection, safety and optimal performance within your workplace.

The Art of Presenting

3 hour to 1 day course that up-skills all leaders in the art of preparing for and facilitating engaging, inclusive team meetings and presentations. Meetings that inspire positive action.

When you run this leadership course across your business, ‘tick box’ meetings will soon become moments of individual, team and organisational evolution.

Thrive Leader Coaching

Our highly trained, experienced and motivating R&R Corporate Health Coaches apply a unique, refined and measurable coaching model. Our frontline management development programs  take leaders on an accountable journey into the art of true people leadership.

Whether delivered on its own or as part of a greater program,  Thrive Leadership Coaching program not only motivates optimal leader wellbeing. It also builds capacity for leaders to sustainably inspire trust, connection, curiosity, psychological safety and optimal employee/team performance.

Our leadership training programs can be delivered face to face, virtually or a mix of both – that’s up to you.

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