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Mental Health

Employee Mental Health Programs

Pattern recognition over nineteen years of delivering corporate wellness programs shows us that compromised mental health has a profound impact on employee and team engagement. In the safety space, there is an inextricable link between distracted minds and workplace injuries and incidents.

That’s why mental health is front and centre in all we do. Our employee mental health consultants can help identify the potential for mental health issues within a business. We also implement ways to avoid mental health issues among staff members and to deal with it if the situation arises.

At R&R we choose trainers with a wealth of knowledge and willing to speak from their heart. Our authentic, honest approach creates trustful training environments in which employees feel safe to talk openly about the challenges they face in and out of work.

The R&R team is constantly amazed and impressed by how ready employees are to talk about stress, anxiety and their personal and professional challenges.

  • R&R has a team of experienced mental health trained professionals ready to deliver the accredited Mental Health First Aid Course to your people.

    We pride ourselves on the MHFA course being delivered:

    • By qualified mental health professionals – psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists

    • By trainers with vast corporate training experience

    • To the letter of the course, whilst still maintaining the authentic R&R style

    • In a way that links MHFA to other mental health initiatives

  • Create a‘universal mental health language’ across your business.

    R&R has developed an easy to follow Mental Health Support Model that enables employees and leaders to recognise, support and connect people with compromised mental health, at work and in their personal lives.






    Ultimately, this training motivates people to:

    • REACH out ‘for’ help

    • REACH out ‘to’ help

    • REACH for optimal mental health

    In pursuit of creating ‘psychological safety’ across your business, look no further than REACH.

  • Achieving mental wellbeing takes sustained effort and desire, and that’s what all R&R resilience and stress management training is designed to do.

    We provide sustainable strategies, we motivate change, we get people talking.

    If mental wellbeing is one of the absolute keys to employee and team performance, it must be worth investing in.


When we talk mental health, we:

  • Encourage employees to talk about it

  • Break down the stigma

  • Ask employees to view vulnerability as strength, not as weakness

  • Motivate employees to be proactive, not reactive

  • Assist employees to better recognise and act on early warning signs

  • Provide remedial strategies that shift towards balance

  • Provide skills that allow employees to effectively support self and each other

Courageous communication and connection creates deeper understanding of self and each other. When this happens, mental health training becomes a performance initiative.

Our ability to motivate employees to transfer theory to practical application is what sets us apart.

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