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Now, more than ever before, it’s critical that organisation’s can demonstrate that they’ve created an inclusive, supportive, psychologically safe culture. Every business is acutely aware of its obligation to create a physically safe workplace for employees, but are you aware of recent guidelines that mean you now also have an obligation to make it a psychologically safe place to be?

Due to a myriad of corporate and social factors, psychological workplace injuries are fast becoming an issue for employers across Australia. WorkSafe Victoria predicts that mental health claims will account for about a third of all workers compensation claims by the end of the decade. Given the fact that, on average, mental health claims cost nearly three times more than all other claims, the time to become proactive in this space is now. 
If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to ensuring your workplace is a psychologically safe place to be, you’re certainly not alone. So that’s where a business like ThriveWorks comes in – we’re in business to assist you to calmly and methodically ensure your business is up to speed in this space.

So how do we help?

Through targeted workplace mental health training programs, and embedding mental health policies and psychosocial risk management plans, our purpose is to not only support and boost the psychological wellbeing of employees, but also to guide business owners and employers through what can be a confronting initiative. 

Introducing Thrive’s Mental Health Policy Template

Thriveworks dedicated, experienced team of mental health professionals and policy writers has created a great starting point to assist your workplace shift towards being a more psychologically safe place to work.
Thrive’s very own Mental Health policy package enables employers and business owners to breathe easy when it comes to protecting their businesses, as well as protecting the wellbeing of their employees. Our easy to follow process ensures businesses like yours are guided through the relatively undiscovered world of workplace psychological safety.

Our Process:

Step 1: An interactive 2 hour e-meeting consult between a pre-selected cohort of employees/leaders (3-4) and one of Thrive’s specialist Mental Health Professionals. Your consultation will guide you through development of a bespoke Mental Health Policy, while also providing insights into how to create a psychologically safe workplace

Step 2: A step by step guide to assist your business best implement your Mental Health policy.

Step 3: All employees receive their very own copy of Thrive’s comprehensive guide to mental health which includes: tips for self care, tips for managing stress, when to seek help, supporting a coworker, Australian support services and much much more

Step 4: All leaders receive their very own copy of Thrive’s comprehensive guide to managing mental health – “Leader edition”. Additionally to the all employee guide, the leader edition includes: how to talk about compromised mental health, understanding your responsibilities, how to have a mental health conversation, what to do if someone has suicidal thoughts and much much more. 

Step 5: Once your Mental Health Policy has been implemented and the guides have been distributed to all employees and leaders, your business is well and truly demonstrating its desire to be a workplace that takes psychological safety seriously.

We look forward to an opportunity to work out whether we are the right team to assist you in your vision towards optimal employee wellness, mental health, injury prevention and/or performance. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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