Workplace massage

Workplace Massage

Workplace Massage

ThriveWorks is arguably the first Australian business to offer and deliver massage in Australian businesses, starting way back in 1999. At the time Thrive Director Matthew Beechey launched a campaign to corporates, imploring OHS and HR personnel to believe that providing regular, short time framed massage to their employees would result in increased business performance. At first Matthew was laughed at and even hung up on, but over time word spread that providing short time framed massage to employees was good for business.

Today Thrive continues to deliver onsite massage on an ongoing basis, at events and conferences, or as a means for leaders to reward their team for their efforts and positive results.

Employee benefits of massage include:

  • Alleviation of muscular and joint discomfort

  • Alleviation of headaches

  • Education on workplace posture and stretching

  • Chance for staff to speak to a registered health professional about health concerns

  • To refresh and invigorate the body, both mentally and physically

  • Maintenance of positive perception toward company

Massage achieves sound return on investment through:

  • Improving and sustaining employee mental and physical health

  • Improving employee and team performance

  • Decreasing injury rates

  • Decreasing mental health related claims

  • Retaining quality employees

  • Attracting the best people into the business

  • Improving and maintain productivity and morale

  • Being known as a company that cares about its employees

We view the cost of injuries within a business as a discretionary expense. A well planned and skillfully delivered massage service can positively affect your company’s bottom line.