REACH For Mental Health

for Mental Health

Delivered by R&R’s Corporate Mental Health Experts, our REACH for Mental Health training enables employees and managers to recognise and effectively deal with compromised mental health in their workplace.

In physical first aid your staff remember and follow DRSABCD.

In mental health first response your staff will remember and follow REACH.

This is a highly valuable session that can be tailored to leaders, to employees, to everyone.

R&R’s Psychologists / Counselors, deliver this critical training piece via a mix of theory, sharing ideas, seeing big picture, and psycho-drama (role playing).

REACH Mental Health Courses In Melbourne

REACH increases leader and employees capability and willingness to:

  • Understand the complexity of stress, anxiety and depression

  • Look out for and recognise signs & symptoms that individuals/teams display that suggest all is not well

  • Break down any ‘stigma’ that exists around mental health

  • Understand that mental health is far more than ‘compliance’

  • Create a language that embraces early intervention

  • Communicate the undeniable relationship between mental health and workplace safety

  • Develop and maintain a caring and supportive culture

  • Help their staff navigate their way through tough times

  • Align individual/team engagement and performance to staff mental health

  • Display vulnerability

  • Build on empathy

  • Know the right things to say and the right actions to take

  • Understand the power of aligning with their Employee Assistance Program

REACH proves an awesome investment because it:

  • Improves understanding of the complexity of mental health

  • Increases capability to recognise mental health warning signs

  • Reduces the stigma of mental health across the organisation

  • Decreases injury and incident risk

  • Decreases stress related claims

  • Decreases presenteeism

  • Decreases absenteeism

  • Helps sustain dynamic relationships

  • Builds trust

  • Maintains morale and camaraderie

  • Sustains individual, team and business performance

Investing in Mental Health is worth the effort:

  • 1 in 5 staff at any one time experience the ongoing symptoms of compromised mental health (stress, anxiety, depression)

  • Annual cost of compromised mental health to Australian businesses is $10.9 billion

  • Annual cost of presenteeism to Australian businesses is $6.1 billion

  • Compensation claims resulting from mental health conditions are estimated to cost Australian businesses $146 million a year

  • Every dollar spent in proactive mental health returns $2.30 to the business (PWC)

  • Staff with Early Onset Depression take 2 to 3 days off work per month

  • It’s rare for workplace injuries & incidents to not be indirectly/directly linked to compromised mental health

  • 8 Australian’s end their life every day

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