Onsite Early Intervention Program

Onsite Early Intervention Program

ThriveWorks is a pioneer of onsite remedial services in Victoria.

Delivering onsite remedial massage and osteopathy to a large and varied client base since 1999. We have an innate understanding of the logistics of onsite preventative maintenance programs and understand how to skilfully achieve optimal outcomes. With a team of multi-skilled, passionate Early Intervention Specialists, Thrive can deliver a consistent and successful onsite Early Intervention Program (EIP) to your business.

Why choose ThriveWorks?

  • We have a team of multi-skilled allied health practitioners with a skill-set that enables them to diagnose, treat & remedy all ailments, pain, discomfort and restriction: We source, choose and train the ‘right person’ for the job

  • All Thrive EIP Specialists have a strong knowledge of occupational health & safety and share a passion for exercise prescription and active rehabilitation

  • Our EIP Specialists have the skills and knowledge to provide manual handling advice, basic workplace assessments and office ergonomic consults. This creates a team approach (SHE, HR and Thrive) to injury prevention and optimal performance

  • We understand that this program must support staff towards early reporting, accountability and optimal performance

  • Our service is about education as much as it is diagnosis and remedy. Our specialists understand the complex relationship between body pain and emotional health and are well versed in providing advice on nutrition, stress management and general lifestyle

We are sure that our way of doing Early Intervention is more holistic and valuable than you’ve seen or heard of before.

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