HBDI Individual and Team Profiling

HBDI Individual and Team Profiling

Individual and team profiling has been around forever and businesses love it. Our question has always been: does profiling achieve sustainable behavioural and organisational change?

Many businesses would say yes, that profiling has been pivotal to improved decision making, healthy relationships and communication, while others would admit it was a feel good initiative that came and went.

At Thrive we have facilitators trained in the use of The HBDI, Whole Brain Thinking Profiling Model. It’s not so much about personality, it’s about who we are and why we are who we are. This profiling tool is awesome as it stretches employees to build capacity to operate and think differently, not just sit inside what’s comfortable.

HBDI Profiling is powerful as a stand alone training initiative, but when massaged into a well constructed program, that’s when the real magic happens.

HBDI does much more than this, but here’s a snapshot of its potential power to positively affect your business.

In HBDI employees:

  • Learn how people’s different ways of thinking directly or indirectly effects teamwork, relationships, safety and performance

  • Begin to understand self and others behaviours, responses and reactions

  • Why those around us act and react the way we do

  • Capacity to connect to and adopt a language that resonates with who you’re talking to at the time

  • Begin to understand how each person reacts under pressure

  • Be more understanding of others and their thinking preference

  • Learn how individual preferences affect their work, leadership and ability to communicate

  • Build confidence and understanding in each other

  • Understand how to apply learnings to daily practice

HBDI Profiling is the most utilised profiling tool in the world because it provides rapid engagement into understanding self and colleagues – how they act, react, respond and operate under pressure.