Bio Health


– Get a de-identified ‘health profile’ of your workforce

– Motivate employees to chase optimal health

– Measure program success

The power of the Bio-Impedance Testing Machine.

We didn’t see the bio-impedance machine coming, and we certainly didn’t think it would have such a profound effect on the success and sustainability of our programs. But that’s what it’s done – the bio-impedance internal health testing machine gives us a definitive method of measuring employee engagement and blowing us away by how much it motivates employees towards optimal health.

Wherever we go, our clients want the machine to go with us.

Bio Health is the ultimate way to:

  • Measure wellness program success

  • Measure the body composition of your staff

  • Gain insight into the health of teams across your organisation

  • Develop a HEALTH BUZZ across your business

  • Take annual staff health checks to the next level

In just two minutes per staff member the machine measures:

  • Weight

  • Waist circumference

  • Body fat percentage

  • Visceral (organ) fat level

  • Soft muscle mass

  • Skeletal muscle mass

  • Hydration level (total body water)

  • Bio-age

  • Balance between right and left side of the body

  • Protein level

  • Mineral level

If you are searching for an effective, thorough ‘health risk rating’ of your business and a powerful tool for individual lifestyle and cultural change, look no further.

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