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Why The Best Companies In The World Value Employee Wellbeing

Keeping workers happy has always been a part of business, but it has evolved dramatically in recent years. What started as simple incentives grew due to their success. Workplace wellness programs can now include gym memberships with pay packets and have now evolved into full health and wellbeing programs for workers. It is about investing in staff and preventing them from becoming mentally and/or physically unwell. Unhealthy staff can quickly become unable to work, potentially hospitalised and possibly on workers compensation while they recover.
The importance of workplace wellness programs has only become more clear during the pandemic years.

The most successful corporations, right down to the most exciting and dynamic SMEs and startups, are rolling out employee wellbeing and performance measures for their staff. This is resulting in unparalleled success and support for their businesses.

Custom Workplace Wellbeing Programs For Your Employees

One of the most important parts of our workplace wellbeing solutions is that they establish positive patterns of behaviour. These can then become good habits for your workers. Day by day they are exercising more, developing better eating habits, sleeping habits. They can do this while also taking up activities to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. This will lead to a range of benefits for your business, including:

  • A reduction in elevated health risks: Did you know that basic changes to your exercise and eating habits can reduce your chances of elevated health risks in as little as six weeks? Improvement will come rapidly and the more these become ingrained as habits, the healthier your staff will be.
  • Improved productivity: When employees are attending work, but not carrying out their duties satisfactorily, this is called presenteeism. They are there in body, but not in mind or spirit. Improved wellbeing is going to make them happier, more motivated, more alert and more aware so they will become much more functional and productive members of your team.
  • Decreased absenteeism: The simple fact is that healthier staff take less sick days. 

Our workplace wellness consultants are here to help

If you want to improve morale and relationships between your staff along with the overall health and safety standards at your business, our expert team can assist. We will take the time to get to know your business and your employees. Once that happens, we can provide training sessions and and a custom workplace wellness program that will support your team. We can also establish further employee wellbeing training as necessary, based on your needs. For more information and to discuss why employee wellbeing is so highly valued, simply contact us.

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