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Stress Management Training for Employees

Stress is a part of life and a part of every working environment. Managing and mitigating employee stress levels can be vital for any successful organisation. It can become a real problem if left to fester and grow into bigger problems. We create custom workplace stress management programs for our valued clients, that are designed to suit their staff needs.  

R&R Corporate Health are experts at identifying the challenges workers are facing. We can then develop employee stress management systems that can help reduce worries. This might include identifying the key difficult situations and triggers employees have and advising how to remove the causes of your employees stress. Different ways to deal with stress can also be taught to your key staff.

Our workplace wellbeing consultants can deliver a completely customised program that will enable managers to help employees deal with workplace stress in a healthy way. We can teach strategies that help them cope with the instances that can result in feeling overwhelmed. Our team can also provide individual workers with the tools and the knowledge they need to better manage the various challenges that they face. This can be done with stress management training in person, online or through an induction style module.

What issues and challenges can cause stress in the workplace?

On an individual level, overwhelmed workers can suffer a range of physical issues including fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, muscle tension, sleeping difficulties and stomach conditions. We haven’t even touched on the mental circumstances stress causes yet.

Stressed out managers and employees can cause a multitude of problems for the overall workplace and company as a whole. Poor workplace stress management plans could contribute to the following :

  • A higher level of absenteeism through sick days
  • Higher worker turnover as unhappy workers are more likely to resign abruptly 
  • Lower levels of performance, productivity and efficiency
  • Time lost through managing staff complaints, issues and conflicts
  • Poor morale and;
  • The likelihood of more accidents and mistakes.

All of this makes it imperative that you implement a proven employee stress management awareness program for those in your workplace. Help your staff work through challenges before they become larger problems.

How To Help Employees Manage Stress?

It is often better to have a third-party manage training around this topic. This allows you to bring in a fresh perspective and eliminate the potential for personal conflicts. 

R&R Corporate Health will take the time to understand your business and your people thoroughly. After that we have the ability to tailor workplace stress management programs for employees to suit the nature of your team. This includes sessions that cover all aspects of education, workshops and awareness towards this topic. 

We can help you discover a rejuvenated workforce and better efficiency and productivity across the board. This can lead to more happy workers, improved morale and a better workplace environment. For more information on our employee stress management programs, and how we can assist you, contact our team on (03) 9859 7700.

To create a more stress free work environment and for more information on our stress management training for employees, contact our team today, we would be happy to assist you.

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