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Managing Employees With Mental Health Issues

This aspect of health needs to be treated with the same level of seriousness as physical cases.Avoiding situations around this can result in a loss of efficiency and productivity in your workplace and can also be a safety hazard for both the staff member suffering from mental health and stress, but also their colleagues.

According to Safe Work Australia data, there is a range of hazards in the workplace that can lead to problems within this category, including:

  • Fluctuations between high and low job demand
  • A lack of support when it comes to issues
  • Poor relationships at work, including bullying
  • A lack of clarity surrounding the workers’ roles
  • Poor organisational change management strategies
  • Environmental conditions that can be stressful 
  • Remote or isolated work with little connection with other humans and;
  • Violent or traumatic events.

That means that employee mental health programs are vital to not only ensure that your staff are well-supported and looked after, but also to enforce the right systems and techniques to deal with these situations. 

Know the consequences of turning a blind eye

Not only do the individuals with mental health concerns suffer, but your overall business does as well. Without proper support, employees undergoing these kinds of challenges in their daily lives are often more subject to:

  • Higher than average absenteeism
  • Turnover
  • Withdrawing from communicating
  • A lower standard of work and product quality
  • Higher likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

Let us help you and your staff

Recognising and identifying workers that are struggling is the first important step, but what does your business do to support them beyond that?

R&R Corporate Health’s expert team can work with your managers, HR and safety staff to implement the right mental health training and programs to assist those that are battling in your workplace.

This means you are extending your duty of care, are making your environment a more supportive one, and preventing the chances of reduced productivity/safety. Contact us on (03) 9859 7700 to learn more.

Managing employees with mental health issues the right way can impact your business largely. Contact us to ensure you have the right training to assist, manage and support your employees.

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