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Tap into what you eat

Diet Schmiet

Ask every person and they’ll have a different view on how to eat healthy, what you should or shouldn’t eat, or how often you should eat to fuel your body. So it’s not necessarily about dieting, it’s about asking yourself two questions:

  1. How much of my food and fluids are fresh and unprocessed?
  2. Do I live with consistently strong energy?

Get off ‘autopilot’

When you enter a cafe, go to make dinner, prepare your work-lunch or eat at a restaurant, be mindful that you have a chance to make a good choice. If you’re not connected to the fact that you can make a choice, you operate on autopilot – and for most of us, nothing good happens on auto-pilot.

Shift your mindset from, ‘what do I feel like eating? to ‘what’s going to give me energy?’

When it comes to making the right food and fluid choices, challenge yourself to choose foods that may not be what you ‘feel’ like eating at the time, but foods that will give you long lasting energy. Do this at least 80% of the time. The remaining 20% just go for it, eat whatever you feel like.

Shop the walls

Next time you go to a supermarket, pay attention to which aisles you spend time in, and what’s in your basket when you’re finished? Is it mostly fresh, unprocessed food? How much of it is high sugar, and processed? A sure-fire way of improving yours and your family’s nutrition is to shop around the walls of the supermarket, where the meat and vegetables and fruit and dairy are. Set yourself the challenge of only going into the aisles to get Oats or toiletries.

Water is your friend

The performance of your mind and body relies on lots of water entering your system 365 days a year, not just in the warmer months. Water is an absolute key to focus, concentration and energy at work. So, find ways to drink at least 2 liters of water every day – carry a water bottle, add fruit, drink coconut water, and herbal teas… 

White sugar is not your friend

If what you need at work is consistent energy, focus and mood, then white sugar should hardly ever hit your body. You’ll get a sharp energy boost, but it really won’t be long before you’ll be slammed into an energy low.

That can’t be good for your work performance, and your safety, can it?

Be willing to change, now

How many people do you know that it took a physical illness or episode before they started to take their nutrition seriously? 

The key message here is get proactive with your nutrition, not reactive. Start today, to change the way you view food and change what you eat and drink, while you’re still well. 

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