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The world is unstable at the moment, leaving us feeling a little uneasy. Ever changing, complex and scary, yet we’re are all expected to keep pace. A silent expectation exists that staff will cope, they’ll hang on and they’ll manage to thrive under pressure. The issue is that even the savviest corporates are often the proverbial duck: calm above the water and swimming like mad underneath. Key to getting through is our ability to skillfully communicate with, understand and support each other.

It’s exciting to work with businesses where ideas are flowing, teams are cohesive and the company is thriving. A common thread exists in high-performing teams and that is that people genuinely care for one another. In these companies ‘empathy’ isn’t a buzzword – it is the buzz!
As this article states, face-to-face communication is a key factor in fostering creativity, productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

We need to remember that we’re all in this together. So how about we take our heads out of our phones, our eyes away from our iPads and pry our fingers from the laptop for long enough to connect with the people around us. We need to make eye contact, talk about how we feel, ask a few questions. Are you OK? How are you really going? Get in the garden, walk in a park, swim in a river, sit and chat by a stream.

Remembering to stay connected with people will enable us to help and be helped when the chips are down. It’s a simple equation: know your people better or at least as well as you know your products.

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