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Self-Care in The Workplace

Taking care of your employees is a necessary part of a job. Although physical care is important, so is taking care of your employees’ emotions, minds and relationships. This ensures that everyone in your company is contributing at their best. 

There are many simple ways you can achieve and promote self-care in the workplace to suit every individual. We’ve put together the best ways you can help your employees achieve maximum self-care in the workplace. 

Walk Meetings

Moving your body is an excellent way to refresh your mind. Taking a meeting outside gives your employees fresh air instead of sitting at a desk and is also good for their physical health. 


Music does a world of wonders for mental health. You could promote listening to music whilst working for your employees or have music playing that everyone agrees on. 

If this isn’t something your company can do due to safety reasons, consider making music a part of scheduled breaks for your employees. 


We all try to convince ourselves to work through a project to complete it even when we are mentally tired. Implementing small breaks for your employees gives them the opportunity to have a walk or have a snack to revive their mental focus. This also helps your employees finish their projects quicker than if they hadn’t had a small break. 

Updating the Environment 

Making your workplace a place where your employees smile and feel comfortable is essential. The more joy and comfort your employees feel in their environment, the more productive they’ll be. Ideas to make your workplace joyful could be displaying artwork, photos and plants. 


Taking your employees minds off work tasks and into a casual quick game, helps them relax while using their problem-solving skills. Games you could introduce could include a crossword or sudoku. 

Pulling Away from Screens 

Playing games on your phone or staring at phones all lunch break doesn’t help your employees. Instead, encourage nature watching for a few minutes. This is what their mind really needs. 

Lunch Breaks Away from Work

It’s tempting for your employees to want to eat lunch and still work to finish early or finish a project. Encourage them to have their meal away from their desk and take a break to reclaim their mental health and energy. 


Employees who undervalue themselves can develop negative feelings about work. Encouraging your employees at work helps them to not criticise themselves and feel happier and wanted within the workplace. 

Celebrate Accomplishments 

Acknowledge when your employees have done a good job and show them you care about their accomplishments. Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments too!

RR Corp is here to help you and your employees with mental health and wellness training in the workplace. We take your company’s needs into consideration with our training style and help your employees reach their maximum potential. If you want to know more about how we can help your company, simply contact our team at your next convenience.

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